21.12.2013 Vokü + Vortrag über Repression gegen die TB- Bewegung

Samstag, 21.12. 2013, ab 19:00 Uhr


Tierbefreiungs-Vokü mit Vortrag: Repression of the animal liberation movement in the Netherlands and in UK : strategies to organize solidarity

An activist from the case “Barchem 4″ will introduce the recent repression of the animal liberation movement in the Netherlands, an escalation of attention from the authorities that ultimately lead to the arrest of 4 activists in 2009 accused of a mink liberation. During the 2nd part of the presentation an activist currently working on the support of british antivivisectionists facing heavy charges in relation to the shac campaign will give an insight of repression of the movement within UK and offer possible strategies to reorganize solidarity on an international level.

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Vokü gegen 19 Uhr, Vortrag ab 19:30 Café Knallhart, Von-Melle-Park 9, Uni-Campus Hamburg

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